Webinar: Covid-19 and the maritime megatrends – A CLASSIFICATION SOCIETY’S perspective

Start date: 17th Jun 2020, 17:00
Venue: Webinar
Speaker: Mr. Gijsbert De Jong, Marine Marketing & Sales Director, Bureau Veritas

Topic description:

How the now is impacting the future of ships and shipping.

The webinar will address the technological and regulatory impact of Covid-19 on shipping and ship building against the backdrop of the two maritime megatrends of our time: environmental sustainability – notably shipping’s energy transition towards carbon neutrality – and all things digital – including smart and autonomous ships. While these trends were already present in pre-corona times, the global pandemic is influencing their speed of development in sometimes unexpected ways, thus creating risks as well as opportunities for a maritime industry left with no choice than to adapt to the new circumstances.

During the webinar we will share some views on how Covid-19 may accelerate (or not) the decarbonization and digitalization process of shipping and ship technology and discuss how we can address the aforementioned risks and opportunities as an industry, hopefully kicking off a (digitally) lively and insightful debate.

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Gijsbert de Jong is Marine Marketing and Sales Director and Executive Committee member with the Marine and Offshore division of the Paris headquartered classification society Bureau Veritas. His main responsibilities are to define the business development strategy and priorities in the maritime market, to drive business intelligence activities and to lead the international marketing and sales network. In this role Gijsbert heads the central marine commercial department, managing the expert team of global market leaders and the marketing team.

Gijsbert joined Bureau Veritas in 2001 after obtaining an MSc degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, and has since held various operational and business development management positions in Paris, Rotterdam and Shanghai.

Having a strong focus on technology innovation, sustainability and cross-industry cooperation, Gijsbert is continuously striving to develop best in class standards and advisory services to enhance the company’s offering to the maritime market. He is a regular speaker, moderator and chairman at maritime conferences and frequently contributes to industry articles. Gijsbert has published technical papers on container ships, bulk carriers, offshore service vessels, tugs, dredgers, ice classed vessels and alternative fuels and power systems.