Where did you say you are building ships?

Start date: 17th May 2018, 19:00
Venue: ACM, Monaco
Speaker: Mr. Alex Vicefield

Topic description:

It has been seven years since Alex’s group acquired a bankrupt, dormant Canadian shipyard with just a handful of maintenance staff still on site. Today there are over 1,000 employees and Davie has become one of North America’s leading shipbuilders, building everything from LNG-powered icebreaking ferries to offshore construction vessels. It has become the go-to shipyard for the government of Canada for a variety of projects.

In particular, it has been about bringing best-of-breed practices from the commercial marine industry to the defence sector. They have just completed the conversion of a commercial containership into a fully specified naval support ship which is now being leased to the Royal Canadian Navy with a full crew of merchant seafarers. It’s next project involves the conversion of a fleet of commercial icebreakers for the Canadian Coast Guard.

This is a story about people, politics, technical innovation, investment and sheer determination.


Alex is the Chairman and CEO of the Inocea Group which owns Davie Shipbuilding Inc. and Federal Fleet Services Inc.
Alex has spent the majority of his career managing turnarounds and investments in distressed, high technical complexity marine projects and businesses.
He is a British citizen, resident in Monaco.