Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Enabling the Digital Future

Start date: 19th Apr 2018, 19:00
Venue: ACM, Monaco
Speaker: Mr Costas Th. Xidis, Principal Surveyor, Europe Division, ABS

Topic description:

UAV’s, more commonly known as “drones”, are showing great potential in the fields of ship surveys, inspections, assessment and maintenance.
The intention of this presentation is to explain the benefits of UAV Technology to the shipowners, to describe the UAV field tests & pilot studies on ABS vessels and possibilities for owners to use “drones” for their self-inspection.


Costas Xidis is a Principal Surveyor within the Europe Division of ABS. Based in Piraeus, his role involves planning, scheduling and coordination of survey work in Greece as well as providing supervision, guidance and training to the ABS survey staff.
Costas began his career in the Hellenic Navy in the Design Office of the Technical Division. He then moved into the commercial sector, as Head of the Shiprepair Division of Proton Marine. Prior to joining ABS in 1998, he worked as a Superintendent Engineer and then Technical Manager for Sea Justice SA responsible for the day to day bulk carrier operations.
In his current role Costas is involved in the introduction and adoption of new survey technology such as drones and UAVs, providing updates and guidance to ship owning clients and relevant service providers. He is also responsible for briefing and training local surveyors and contributes to the ongoing development of related ABS rules.
Costas has a Diploma in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).