The Ship Finance landscape post-2008, current status and future trends

Start date: 18th Jan 2018, 19:00
Venue: ACM, Monaco
Speaker: Mr. Regis Caze, Director, Helvetic Marine Capital SA

Topic description:

Since the financial crisis started in 2008, the number of traditional shipping banks and conventional industry lenders has shrunk drastically, and it seems that more shrinking will occur in the near to medium term. Throughout history, first mortgage lending provided by specialized shipping banks or universal financial institutions has always been the most flexible and cheapest way to finance your ship. This is not the case anymore and alternative sources of capital have appeared, in a very fast-changing finance industry and ever more stringent regulatory environment. Although it has been a very traditional industry so far, shipping finance needs to find ways to re-invent itself, which is quite a challenge.


A French and Swiss bi-national, born and raised in Africa and the Middle East, Régis Cazé started his ship finance career at Banque Paribas (Geneva) in the early 90's. Just before that, he graduated from one of Paris' leading business schools Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISG: multinational program, finance and marketing). Over the years, he has developed relationships with some of the most prominent shipowners in Europe and the Middle East, particularly in Turkey, Italy, Monaco and Switzerland, sometimes from one generation to the next. As Head of Market Area South Europe/MEA and India for Credit Suisse, he spent his last 12 years in Geneva and Zurich, expanding the portfolio under his responsibility from U$ 500 mio to circa U$ 2.5 billion, without any losses. Régis recently joined the IFCHOR group to create Helvetic Marine Capital, a ship finance and investment advisory firm, leveraging on his industry experience and contacts built up over the last 25 years. Régis is a regular speaker and/or panel participant at industry-focused conferences, for example at Marine Money's Geneva event launched a few years ago.