The Club convenes once a month from September to May basically the last Thursday of the month for a cocktail reception followed by a cocktail and a dinner, currently in the facilities of the Automobile Club of Monaco. Other social events are organised from time to time.

The program of the Club is found below and in the local press. Also non-members with interest in shipping are welcome to join the meetings.

Upcoming Events

15th Apr 2021: Litigation Finance - what it is; how it works, and how it may benefit you
Mr. Robert Hanna, Managing Director - Mr. Mark de la Haye, Investment Manager - Mr. Andrew O'Connor, Investment Manager @ Augusta Ventures Ltd
29th Apr 2021: Helping shipowners to greater economic and environmental sustainability
Mr. Christian M. Ingerslev, CEO, Maersk Tankers

Past Events

18th Mar 2021: Piracy and Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea– An Update
Mr. Hans Tino Hansen, CEO, Risk Intelligence
18th Feb 2021: Seizing the green opportunities for UK shipping
Mr. Bob Sanguinetti, CEO, UK Chamber of Shipping
14th Jan 2021: Ship Finance & Market Outlook
Mr. Christian Speer and Mr. Jens Dose - Joint Heads of Shipping M.M. Warburg & CO, Hamburg and Dr. Christian Jasperneite - Chief Investment Officer M.M. Warburg & CO, Hamburg
10th Dec 2020: Market Forecast Webinar
Mr. Peter Sand, Chief Shipping Market Analyst, BIMCO
26th Nov 2020: Green Technologies Webinar
Mr. Alexandre Albertini, CEO, Marfin Management s.a.m. - Mr. Noah Silberschmidt, CEO, Silverstream Technologies
5th Nov 2020: Marine Insurance Overview
Mr. Tom Bowsher, Group CEO, West of England Insurance Services and Mr.Simon Williams, Debuty Chief Underwriting Officer, The Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association
1st Oct 2020: Sanctions, whatever next...?
Mr. Mike Salthouse, Global Director (Claims), The North of England P&I Association Limited
9th Jul 2020: Will the COVID-19 pandemic change the shipping industry?
Mr. Lars Robert Pedersen, Debuty Secretary General, BIMCO
17th Jun 2020: Webinar: Covid-19 and the maritime megatrends – A CLASSIFICATION SOCIETY’S perspective
Mr. Gijsbert De Jong, Marine Marketing & Sales Director, Bureau Veritas
28th May 2020: Webinar: Maritime Medical Best Practices during & after COVID-19
Mr. Peter Hult, CEO, VIKAND
29th Apr 2020: Seafarers' mental health & wellbeing
Roger Harris, Executive Director, The International seafarers' welfare and assistance network (ISWAN)
19th Mar 2020: Event is Cancelled
12th Feb 2020: The Rise and Rise of Chinese Shipping 2002-2050
Mark Williams, Managing Director, Shipping Strategy Ltd
Andrew Chamberlain, Partner & Mariner, HFW London