Challenges & Opportunities in the Shipping Markets

Start date: 29th Sep 2011, 17:15
Venue: ACM, Monaco
Speaker: Mark Willians - Research Manager - Braemar Seascope Ltd

Topic description:

In the light of recent market turmoil, will shipping markets suffer or prosper? How will BRIC economic growth and Western economic fragility balance out? What pitfalls await shipping and what key elements should be noted in developing corporate strategy?


Mark Williams is Research Manager for Braemar Seascope in London. He has worked as a business analyst and consultant in the Shipping industry for 14 years. He has led many consultancy projects covering the dry bulk, tanker, container, offshore, Ro-Ro, shipbuilding and ship breaking sectors. Mark is a regular speaker at international shipping industry conferences and has made many presentations on the shipping industry to ship owners, ship builders, shipping banks and investors around the world. He is a published author of articles on shipping and operational research.