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Onboard the online edition of the Propeller Club Monaco we would like to stay loyal to our mission of supporting the local shipping community with an interactive platform for knowledge exchange on subjects of interest to the shipping world.

Upcoming Event

5th May 2022: Sanctions Webinar
Mr. Daniel Martin, Global Head of Sanctions Team at HFW

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has triggered an unprecedented wave of sanctions imposed by the UK, EU, US and others. The wide-ranging restrictions, coupled with the rate of change, have led to particular challenges for the shipping industry. Daniel Martin will highlight the main areas of risk for the industry, and provide his insight into practical measures to mitigate the risk, as well as some thoughts about what might happen next.

Sign up now: https://marfin.zoom.us/webinar/register/4716510658366/WN_ektMz6v8RcyPflt...

18th May 2022: Sustainable Finance – what’s in it for me? Panel Discussion
Jan-Henrik Hübner, Global Head of Shipping Advisory, DNV and Joshua Walter, Key Account Manager Ship Finance, Credit Suisse

Sustainable finance is growing exponentially across industries. Institutional investors and banks have
earmarked hundreds of billions of dollars for ESG compliant investment and lending. In the maritime
industry, ship owners, yards and terminal operators have already secured or issued over 40 green,
sustainability linked, transition loans and bonds. And we are not just talking about industry
leading companies with hundreds of vessels, but also smaller players with fleets of ten or twenty
vessels. However, a few questions remain: What does it take to be eligible for sustainable finance?
How does it affect financing conditions? And at the end of the day: is this just greenwashing?

Joshua Walter and Jan-Henrik Hübner will discuss these and more questions from the perspective of
a bank active in (green) ship finance and a technical assurance provider offering independent second
party opinions on sustainable finance transactions.

19:00 Cocktail
20:00 Speech
21:00 Dinner

Members: 80eur / Guests: 110eur

Register: info@propellermonaco.org / Limited number of seats.

22nd Jun 2022: Summer Party