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Onboard the online edition of the Propeller Club Monaco we would like to stay loyal to our mission of supporting the local shipping community with an interactive platform for knowledge exchange on subjects of interest to the shipping world.

Upcoming Event

23rd Mar 2017: OW and Hanjin – the bigger picture
Mr. Jonathan Elvey, Partner - Ince & Co London

OW and Hanjin – two dramatic collapses in shipping in very recent months. Few predicted them – nearly everyone in shipping has been affected by them, directly or indirectly. The Press has been full of stories about why they crashed and the lessons that can be learned. Is there any real connection between them? Are there really new lessons to be learned? Are there ways to guard against fallout from similar collapses in future? Or is this just history repeating itself? Jon Elvey – 35 years at Ince & Co – looks at what happened and whether a bigger picture emerges.

20th Apr 2017: Unmanned / digitalized vessels
Mr. Albrecht Grell, Executive Vice President, Director of Digital Solutions and Innovations - DNV GL
18th May 2017: Propeller Club Event
15th Jun 2017: Summer Cocktail
21st Sep 2017: Propeller Club Event
19th Oct 2017: Propeller Club Event
16th Nov 2017: Propeller Club Event
14th Dec 2017: Christmas Cocktail