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Onboard the online edition of the Propeller Club Monaco we would like to stay loyal to our mission of supporting the local shipping community with an interactive platform for knowledge exchange on subjects of interest to the shipping world.

Upcoming Event

26th Nov 2020: Green Technologies Webinar
Mr. Alexandre Albertini, CEO, Marfin Management s.a.m. - Mr. Noah Silberschmidt, CEO, Silverstream Technologies

1. Hybrid Solar Bulk Carrier

In a quest to be always at the forefront of technology and innovation, Alex is going to
walk you through their adventure to harness the power of the sun in a never-ending
crusade to reduce carbon emissions.

Solar Panel and Hybrid power generation is one of the many solutions the industry needs to implement to reach the IMO goal to reduce CO2 by 40% in 2030.

2. Air Lubrication System

The requirement for shipping to have a thriving ecosystem of proven
clean technologies – alongside alternative fuels – is vital to progress decarbonisation.

Noah Silberschmidt will discuss the continued evolution and uptake of the market
leading air lubrication solution, the Silverstream® System.

Register to the Webinar at: https://marfin.zoom.us/webinar/register/4016021610010/WN_sNFMJaK5Q8ize1t...

10th Dec 2020: Market Forecast Webinar
Mr. Peter Sand, Chief Shipping Market Analyst, BIMCO

What a crazy year – 2020, but is the worst behind us, or ahead of us?

The overall state of the industry is dominated by the impact of the pandemic. But below the headlines we have seen a lot of different developments in 2020 – What lies ahead for the shipping sector?

Register to the Webinar at: https://marfin.zoom.us/webinar/register/6016021619824/WN_nyJTMeXJRrSGUib...