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Onboard the online edition of the Propeller Club Monaco we would like to stay loyal to our mission of supporting the local shipping community with an interactive platform for knowledge exchange on subjects of interest to the shipping world.

Upcoming Event

14th Nov 2019: New opportunities in a changing industry: how technology, sustainability and diversity influence the maritime industries + The Ocean Opportunity Lab and Creative Ocean Cities Alliance - Empowering Generation Cleanup
Mrs. Despina Pan Theodosiou, CEO / Tototheo Maritime and President of Wista International / Birgit M. Liodden, Founder / CEO, The Ocean Opportunity Lab

Ocean businesses are going through some fundamental changes. Technology, societal opinion and trade dynamics are all shifting, and shifting quickly. New roles are emerging for well-trained people and new industries are set to expand. Technology, sustainability and diversity are all elements of our changing industry. While they might seem different and distinct from each other, they all provide an opportunity to build a fit-for-purpose maritime industry.

12th Dec 2019: Christmas cocktail
16th Jan 2020: January event

* Note: This event will be held at the restaurant of ACM due Monte Carlo Rally, therefore limited number of seats available.

12th Feb 2020: February event

* Note: Event is exceptionally held on Wednesday.

19th Mar 2020: March event
29th Apr 2020: April event

* Note: Event is exceptionally held on Wednesday.

28th May 2020: May event
18th Jun 2020: Summer Party
24th Sep 2020: September event
15th Oct 2020: October event
26th Nov 2020: November event
10th Dec 2020: Christmas cocktail